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The largest protected area of Trentino that encompasses geological aspects, plant and wildlife that are a global treasure.

The Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the glaciers of Adamello-Presanella with peaks of three thousand metres that show signs of the Great War. But even conifer-tree woods, multicoloured lakes, wild animals of several species, from the eagle to the bear, and many rare flowers. The Park, located west of Trento along the border with Lombardia, occupies one-tenth of the whole surface of Trentino.

Opened in 1967, the Park offers several sight-seeing attractions for everyone! From Lake Tovel, which once would stain red and where there is a Visitor’s Centre, to the Val Genova, which with its countless waterfalls has been called the Versailles of the Alps. From the crystal-water springs of Vallesinella to the landscapes of the Cornisello Lakes at the foot of the Presanella (3558 m), with the “fiery” sunsets of the Dolomites. From the fossils of the Val d’Ambiez to the mushrooms of Val Daone. An excellent network of trails for you to visit the valleys and climb (sometimes also with cable car) to the mountain huts where you can taste delicious traditional dishes.

The different aspects of the Park are illustrated in the several Visitor’s Centres located throughout the area. At the one of Carisolo in Val Rendena, visitors can learn about its geological history, because the area is also recognised as a Geopark by UNESCO. At Spiazzo, instead, you can learn about the aquatic species. Animals can be discovered in Spormaggiore, in the centre dedicated to the bear, or in Daone (Valle del Chiese). The plant life of the Park is illustrated in Stenico (Giudicarie), while in San Lorenzo you can discover the lifestyles of the past, in a valley that since 2015 is also a UNESCO Biosphere.

You deserve a break. So make sure it’s filled with sunshine, interest and adventure, by targeting one of Trentino’s top lakes.

There are nearly 300 lakes in all, scattered right across the region, and they serve up a mouthwatering range of holiday experiences. If all you want to do is lie back and soak up the mountain views, then we’ve got beaches aplenty. If it’s a more action-packed experience you’re after, then you can take your pick from a dazzling range of watersports.

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